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1910s - 1940s

Getting started in Chicago

Great Grandpa Edward E. Wiesbrook started his plumbing company sometime in the 1910s outside of Chicago.

He was very successful and active in his community, even donating land to build a church in his hometown. His name is still engraved on some of the drains within the church he helped build.

Working for Al Capone

Great-grandpa Edward strove to serve everyone equally, even bartering for chickens and eggs when customers struggled to pay.

His most famous client, Al Capone, recognized quality, affordable work when he saw it, hiring Edward multiple times. Apparently, Capone always paid on time and in cash.

Due to a change in company policy, Brandenburg Plumbing no longer serves violent gangsters.

1940s - 1980s

Wiesbrook Plumbing and Heating

Great-grandpa's son Raymond Wiesbrook began his own plumbing company in the early 1950s after his return from WWII.

In addition to his Master plumbing license, he held licenses in electrical and air-conditioning repair.

Our Thrifty Grandpa

Here is our grandpa again, still hard at work, still wearing the same flannel as he was decades earlier. We are certain he passed those savings onto his customers.

1997 - Present

Brandenburg Plumbing is Born

Our father, Troy Brandenburg established Brandenburg Plumbing July of 1997, running the business with his wife Terry out of our home, and, with considerably more difficulty, raising five sons.

Now, two of his sons, Adam and Lucas Brandenburg, strive to uphold the same family values and strong work ethic upheld over our company's long history.


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